Island Korcula – how to get to and some generalities

Called by the Greeks Korkyra Melaina (Black nymph Korčula) because of its rich pine and cypress vegetation mixed with other Mediterranean flora covering more than 60% of 279 square kilometers, island Korčula is 46.8 km long and on average 7.8 km wide. With Town Korčula as an administrative centre on one side of the island and Vela Luka on the other end of the island and between them 5 smaller inland villages and numerous bays, skoji ( a group of tiny and uninhabited islands belonging to Korcula archipelago), Korčula is an adventure to discover and it takes more than one or two days to do so. As well as it takes more than one or two blog entries to write everything one visitor should know about this beautiful Adriatic nymph (according to one of the legends, Poseidon brought his beloved nymph Korkyra here).

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These days, Korčula is even more so becoming known as the Marco Polo’s island who has supposedly been born here. Is it true or not? It seems as it definitely could be true, with his surname in one form still being present on the island itself and with an apparently unrevocable fact that he was caught in one of the biggest naval battles of the middle ages near Korcula city walls from where he was sent to Genoa prison where his famous book Il Milione came to be.  A book that according to some accounts has even inspired  Christopher Columbus to set on a way to discover new lands. Whether or not he was actually born here, something of Marco Polo’s allure definitely has stayed and given special appeal to Korčula making it hard to leave her shore.
 Slikovni rezultat za korcula from air
Korčula is usually reached by ferry or catamaran from Split, Hvar and Dubrovnik with daily buses from Dubrovnik too;  by ferry from island Lastovo, from Polače on island/national park Mljet, from Milna on island Brač,  with one bus connection from Split at midnight  ( you are in Korčula early morning around 6 am) and with a daily bus from Zagreb that stops in more than a few other inland and coastal towns so keep that connection on mind too. Ferries or catamaran usually stop at one of the following island ferry ports: Prigradica,  Vela Luka, Korcula or Domince. If you are flying to Croatia and want to reach Korčula, easiest and fastest way is to fly in Dubrovnik or Split.
More info on how to get to Korcula and Dragan’s Den Hostel look up on our official web page.

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