Visiting Karlovac and Ljubljana with Taekwondo club ‘Forteca’

This winter we got an invitation to attend taekwondo tournaments in Karlovac (Croatia) and Ljubljana (Slovenia) with Korčula’s rather accomplished taekwondo club ‘Forteca’. Taekwondo enthusiasts have perhaps heard or have visited Korčula during one of the open air Korcula Open taekwondo tournaments that usually take place every year during the last weekend of August for the past 17 consecutive years.

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It was interesting to travel and to  get an insight into the taekwondo scene and sport as such as well as to visit other places in Croatia and Slovenia. We were happy to pull up the anchor once again,  and see what else is out there, away from Korcula’s shores.

First stop was Karlovac, a town in central Croatia and the 5. World Hallelujah Cup on Saturday, 1.10.2016, attended by more than 300 competitors from 35 clubs and 8 different countries. The most successful club were the hosts, TKD ‘Karlovac’, but Korčula’s TKD ‘Forteca’ that competed with 11 young cadets and cadets in taekwondo disciplines forms, battles and kicks also had notable results:

Battles: 4 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals

Forms: 2 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze medals

Kicks: 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal

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Sunday, 2.10.2016, was reserved for the 2. Gaiana Tournament in Ljubljana where 4 young cadets and 3 older cadets competed in the forms and battles disciplines. This tournament brought 8 medals to the club, 2 gold and 3 bronze medals in the forms discipline together with 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze in the battles discipline.

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2. Gaiana Taekwondo Tournament in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Taking a trip from Korčula to Ljubljana in a van with possibly future Croatian Olympic athletes, traveling and stopping by Krka National Park, driving through central Croatia’s forests, Lika and Gorski kotar, visiting Karlovac and Ljubljana, witnessing performances and sports spirit of young people from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, Spain..It was a humbling experience one can only be grateful for. And yes, a good reminder to start leading much healthier life too!

Many thanks to TKD ‘Forteca’ for the invitation, many thanks to the children, amazing little humans, and to their parents for letting Dragan’s Den be part of their sports weekend far from the Dalmatian south. Loved every moment of it!

If you and your taekwondo club are thinking of attending Korcula Open 2017 scheduled for the last weekend of August, contact us as we provide accommodation and have experience in hosting big groups and have worked with many different sports groups throughout the years.

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