Best way to backpack Europe (tips&hints)

You are ready to pack the almighty backpack and head to Europe but are still wondering what is the best, and preferably the cheapest way to do it?


First and foremost to have in mind when searching and booking an airplane ticket is to book early but not too early, to be flexible with travel dates as a difference in a day can cost you paying hundreds of dollars more and to look for budget carriers. Although in America budget carriers are not so common to come by, there is still some hope. American travelers might be happy to hear about super cheap flights that will be heading to destinations in Ireland and Scotland as early as this June on the new fuel-efficient Boeing 737 MAX. In order to keep costs down, those flights will be leaving from secondary airports on the East Coast including Providence’s T.F. Green Airport and Stewart Airport. Read more about it here.


Once in Europe, use and search deals on over 30 airplane budget carriers such as Ryanair, Skyscanner, and Easy Jet. To cut down on your transport expenses, you can also use Europe’s railway network where student discounts might come in handy as well as to be a holder of  Eurail and Interrail railway passes also offering a Eurail Roaming SIM Card to keep your calls back home affordable. You also might want to use and bookmark this great site to look for cheap train tickets in Europe.  To find and book buses on your European adventure you can use this site.  Those who want to go even cheaper can always hitchhike, but if you do not want to do it alone, get connected with other hitchhikers in Europe via facebook group Hitchhiking Europe. Also, in some European countries, you have a network of people who have an extra empty seat in their car and if you are willing to share the cost of transportation or sometimes just to keep drivers company, you can use that option as the cheaper alternative of traveling while making new friends on the road.  A popular version of the site is Bla Bla Bla Car and you can find service in many European countries. Croatian version of the site look up here.


Hostels are by far the cheapest accommodation you can book and find on your travels. You can check and book our hostels Dragan’s Den on Marco Polo’s island Korčula and Dragan’s Den near Plitvice Lakes, world heritage site and amazing nature wonder in Croatia.

If you still want to go cheaper, then, by all means, use sites such as Workaway and Worldpackers where in an exchange for a few hours of work and volunteering (helping on permaculture projects, cooking, cleaning, helping with social media, making a video etc.) you can get free accommodation and food. Some of the hostels we have come across looking for help in an exchange for free accommodation in Lisbon (Portugal), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Berlin (Germany), Barcelona (Spain) , Budapest (Hungary).. 

Happy travels!

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