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Where To Eat In Korcula

Korcula people take their food and wine seriously. Choosing the best place to eat once in Korcula can be overwhelming with many restaurants and places to choose from. We will give our two cents on the topic and suggest best budget places and those a bit on the pricier side. 

Best Budget Restaurants In Korcula

Best budget restaurants and places to eat you’ll find outside of the old town, more specifically, in Korcula town suburbs where Dragan’s Den Hostel is located. Some of the best places where you can eat on a budget in our St. Anthony area:

  • Skatula (local pastry, pizza, cevapi, pizza sandwiches, cakes)
  • Kantun  (hamburgers, tortillas, cevapi, sandwiches)

Whereas Skatula and Kantun are more caffe bar and pastry shop styled, there are a few moderately priced restaurants in Dragan’s Den Hostel vicinity. If you’d like to treat yourself to a more wholesome dining experience with local dishes such as peka, fish, and zrnovski makaruni try:

  • Malta homestead
  • Maslina restaurant
  • Hajduk restaurant
  • Mirakul restaurant (by the sea)

Although restaurants in Korcula Old Town predominantly offer a fine dining experience, there are a few mid-range priced places we can recommend:

  • Planjak
  • Skver
  • Kavana no.1 (in Tommy center)

Fine Dining In Korcula Town

Diamond of Korcula Old Town’s fine dining scene is Michelin-starred Lesic Dimitri Palace Restaurant. If you happen to be in Korcula on a special occasion such as honeymoon or wanting to propose, this is by far your best choice.

Other restaurants in Korcula Old Town and neighbouring villages that are a bit on the pricier end but well worth the money spent are:

  • Radiona
  • Aterina
  • Michelin-starred Konoba Mate (in Pupnat village)

And lastly, we can recommend Wine Tapas Bar Lola for those in search of small, quick bites over a glass of good, local wine.

Bon appetit!